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Sitecore 10: QA Takeaways

Sitecore Experience Platform 10.0 has been recently released and focuses on product updates and enhancements that provide more development and deployment options, increase usability and improve overall performance. It contains few resolved issues of the Sitecore.

There is long list of features of new version but below are important items that QA team can include during testing:

1. Sitecore identity module: Sitecore Identity is the platform single sign-on mechanism for Sitecore Experience Platform, Sitecore Experience Commerce and other Sitecore instances that require authentication.

2. Horizon module: Horizon is the next-generation editor in Sitecore Experience Platform. It comprises two editing tools where you can create and edit content. Refer:

3. In Experience Editor, ​​​when you paste content from Microsoft Word into the Rich Text Editor, it now cleans up the markup. Therefore no more MS Word styling, just pure content.

4. Configure service pages (Error, Not Found, and so on) for each website on content tree structure

5. Audience Filtering in Experience Analytics – You can now filter all the Experience Analytics reports on marketing segments created in list manager.

The detailed Release Notes of Sitecore 10.0 can be found on below link:


Published by Ritesh Mathur

I have 13+ years of total experience in Software Quality Assurance and Testing field. Worked on multiple CMS projects including the ones in Site core, Episerver, Drupal, WordPress and Magento. I have done Sitecore Web Experience Management eLearning and International Software Testing and Quality Board (ISTQB) certifications.

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